Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are coins produced from precious metals that have an intrinsic value, and are used as a form of investment rather than use in everyday buying and purchasing. Silver in the form of bullion coins are probably the most popular way of buying, investing and collecting silver. There are many types of silver bullion coins released into the market place on a yearly basis, like the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf or the Mexican Libertad and that’s just to name a few.

Even though some silver bullion coins are more expensive than other coins minted, literally all minted bullion coins are going to be sold at a fair amount over what the spot price of silver per ounce is at the time of purchase. Silver Bullion coins have a much higher secondary market value than other types of silver because they can not be simply minted at will, where as silver bars or rounds can be produced at any time in any quantity. Silver bars and rounds have a lower premium over the spot silver price than silver bullion coins produced by a national mint.



Investing in Sliver Bullion

There are various investment options for silver and it is ultimately up to you to decide which type is best for you. Whether you invest using silver ETFs or silver mining stocks, the best method is to actually have physical silver. For most investors and collectors silver bullion coins are the fastest and easiest way to begin buying to invest in silver, but they should also consider buying bars and silver rounds to.

Here I have put together a list of the more common investment types in an order of what I would deem highest to lowest in risk.

1. Silver Pool Investments.
2. Silver Mining Stocks.
3. Silver Future Contracts.
4. Silver ETFs.
5. Physical Silver Bullion.